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Bonded Warehouse

Through its Customs Warehouse, C&T Logistics offers its clients their own little space ‘outside the UE’ within the port of Gioia Tauro. Adjoining the Customs Warehouse there is also a VAT depot, to be used in accordance with the procedures determined by the Customs Authority.

The equipment in our Bonded Warehouse assures adequate storage conditions for a wide range of goods of various sizes and types. C & T Logistics also manages, under authorization of the Customs Authority, an enclosed Customs Bonded container yard (n.003 E).


Customs warehouse (DDP)

The customs warehouse is a suspensive and economic procedure as it allows, against a special authorization by the Customs Authorities, the suspension of payment of the duties imposed on deposited goods.
This is a structure where goods may be stored without their being subject to the related taxes, waiting for the assignment of their final destination.
The following kinds of goods are allowed to benefit from the above mentioned procedure:

  • Non-Community goods under suspension of customs duties.

  • Community goods, for which a specific Community legislation provides, in virtue of their being placed in a customs warehouse, the benefit of measures normally related to the export of goods, waiting for their final destination (art. 98, letter . B) Reg. (EEC) No 2913/1992).


VAT Warehouse

VAT warehousing is a storage area where you can introduce, store and process EU or ExtraUE goods, without subjecting them to VAT.

VAT warehousing allows for the fulfillment of VAT obligations on the following operations:

  • Importing from Countries outside the EU

  • Intra-EU purchasing

  • Transfer of goods in Italy by EC operators

  • Transfer by Italian parties to EC parties

  • Transfer between national operators for goods handled in Commodity Exchange



Financial Exposure: You can issue goods into Italy without having to pay VAT to customs beforehand.

Fiscal Representative: There is no need to nominate a fiscal representative for EU agents that need to stock and/or sell in Italy.

Confidentiality: Previous commercial transfers are not made visible to the purchaser.



All those companies that wish to reduce their financial exposure, with the certainty of finding a structure and know how that has been consolidated during more than 10 years of handling VAT warehousing. For the importers of goods this is an important option: industrial and commercial companies using this instrument may defer payment of VAT at the time of the actual sale of the imported goods. The advantage is especially for the companies which structurally have VAT in their credit or for those who do not have the facilities for regular exporters (plafond).

In this case, the subject who performs the extraction pay the VAT on the base of the “reverse charge” system as per the Art. 17, third paragraph, of D.P.R. n. 633; this procedure involves the issue of a self-invoice to be recorded in the VAT register both for sales and for purchases, so that it is a simple account compensation, with the corresponding right to deduct the relevant amount, in accordance with art. 19 and following of the same D.P.R. n. 633, with limitations, reductions and adjustments thereto.

The subject authorized to keep goods under the VAT deposit must necessarily enjoy the trust of the Financial Administration: in fact the authorization may be issued only to companies that have particular requirements, tested according to strict criteria of analysis.

C&T Logistics have obtained the specific authorization to handle a customs depot and a VAT depot directly inside their terminals.