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Port of Gioia Tauro

C&T Logistics operations are primarily focused in the Port of Gioia Tauro, which has become in the span of a few years the leading port in the Mediterranean for number of container moved. Its strategic position along with the professional know-how and entrepreneurial and managerial intuitiveness of Contship Group allow it to remain particularly competitive. Leading technical port services and MCT’s skilled workforce give it a great advantage for transshipment by ensuring that commercial operations are carried out swiftly, thus adding to its value.

These conditions position the Port of Gioia Tauro as an ideal logistics base for the distribution of goods in Central and Southern Italy as well as the Mediterranean. In particular the competitiveness of Gioia Tauro is evident in the flow of goods from the Far East, as it is the first European port called by the large ocean-going vessels from this area.

The considerable investments that are being made to strengthen infrastructure will enable the port of Gioia Tauro to accommodate the new generation of container ships, increasingly consolidating its leadership in the Mediterranean.

Some figures:
Container Quay: 3.400 mt.
Container Yard: 1.500.000 square mt.
Depth of Seabed: 15-18 mt.
Channel Width: 250 mt.
Quay Cranes: 14 Post-Panamax, 4 Super-Post-Panamax, 9 Super-Post-Panamax ULCS
Average Moves: 25 movements per crane per hour
Annual container moves: 3,500,000 teus

 Port of Gioia Tauro