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Fruit Terminal

The common thread of our service in the fresh logistics sector is called . This sums up the passion for our work and our dedication to Customer Satisfaction.

Our operations in the fresh logistics sector adapt daily to the ever changing operational situation that exists in a seaport. We take care in a time conscious manner to fulfill the different requirements that apply to fresh fruit and are always ready for any necessary changes to the work program. In this way we fully utilize free time of containers laying in port, and avoid incurring port storage costs and demurrage.

Our objective is to guarantee a ‘smart’ passage of fresh fruit from the port, avoiding unnecessary costs and to provide the maximum flexibility of requested service, adapting to the particulars of each client. We have the necessary means available for pick-up of containers from the port and successive movements, refrigerated storage, reefer plug-in, an extensive ‘know-how’ in Customs and Sanitary specific to fresh fruit, decades of experience in the managing of customs warehouses and VAT depots, continually updating the dynamics of the fruit sector. With we successfully integrate these resources to deliver a variety of solutions each and every time that adapt to the moment and satisfy the requests of each client.

C & T Logistics has refrigerated bonded warehouses and VAT depots certified to CE standards with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters at a temperature between 0 ° C and +15 ° C, dedicated to the storage and handling of fresh fruits, as well as 35 reefer plug-ins and a Customs authorized weighing scale for bananas.


  • fresh fruit storage
  • pick-up of reefer containers from the terminal and return of empties
  • specific Customs and Sanitary regulations know how
  • inspection and quality control
  • order picking
  • daily/weekly communication of stock inventory
  • cross-stuffing of refrigerated products from container to trucks
  • transportation of temperature-controlled cargo