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C&T Logistics has decades of experience in logistics activity among its management and operations team in the Port of Gioia Tauro. We strongly believe that in order to guarantee the highest standard of quality of service to our clients one of the key factors is human resources, to which we consistently give the utmost attention.


Operational Structure

C&T Logistics has an area of 50,000 square meters of which 10,000 square meters are warehouses, thus ensuring safe storage of a large quantities of goods, in order to satisfy any client’s needs.

The warehouses are located in an extremely secure facility, being situated within the customs area of the Port of Gioia Tauro, which is only accessible by a permit issued from the Port Authority. The release of goods requires the verification of documents by Customs Authority. Our facilities are also equipped with alarm systems and CCTV.

C&T Logistics also has additional space dedicated to logistics activities, both inside and outside the port of Gioia Tauro.

Transport Vehicles

Our operational structure is equipped with the following transport vehicles:

2 CVS Ferrari reach stackers, 4 CVS Ferrari trucks, 8 diesel powered Caterpillar forklifts, 8 electric powered Caterpillar forklifts, 4 Caterpillar triplex forklifts.

Our Group

The corporate structure of C&T Logistics is part of Caronte & Tourist SpA, which belong to the Franza and Matacena Groups.

Caronte & Tourist SpA has been providing ferry services in the Strait of Messina for forty years. Currently, the company is also involved in the "Motorways of the Sea" project with the Messina-Salerno route, where it regularly employs three ships, and the Termini Imerese-Salerno route, with five return trips each day.

The Franza Group has over 800 employees and a turnover of approximately 150 million Euros. The group operates in the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as transport and shipbuilding, construction and real estate.