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Areas of Business


Through well-established partnerships, C&T Logistics is solidly structured and strongly geared toward the coffee business and has become the leading service company offering storage and handling of green coffee in south-central Italy.

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Since its inception C & T Logistics has always been involved with the chemical industry. Over the years the company has gained solid experience in the handling and supply chain of non-hazardous chemicals, progressively expanding the range and quality of services offered.

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Forest Products

Thanks to the detailed knowledge of its staff and plenty of space at its disposal, C & T Logistics has notable collaborations with Italian industry leaders in the field of timber and timber derived products.

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C&T Logistics has detailed and up-to-date knowledge in customs matters of consumer products (licensing, made in Italy, consumer protection, CE compliance , etc).

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Through the provision of the Bonded Warehouse and Storage VAT, C & T Logistics offers affordable solutions in logistics management of industrial and semi-finished import products.

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Heavy & Special Cargo

The provision of adequate space and equipment, along with professional training, allows C & T Logistics to securely handle special cargoes of up to 40 tons. In particular, the wide open spaces allow us to handle large batches of both import and export shipments that need to be stored before they are ready for the final destination.

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