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C&T Logistics provides both basic and integrated logistics services related to the flow of goods in import/export, including cargo handling, warehousing, and value added services. Our goal is to minimize logistics costs giving you a competitive edge in order to guarantee the availability of your products in a timely and appropriate manner and increase the flexibility and control of the distribution process.

To this end, C&T Logistics offers outstanding versatility that allows us to manage goods ranging from raw materials to consumer products, with the optimal mix of costs and benefits.

C & T Logistics holds authorization (no. IT-NA-C-DD-120) issued by Customs, of a Bonded Warehouse "C" (n.5891R) in the port of Gioia Tauro with VAT deposit as well as a Customs Bonded container yard (authorization n.003 E).

C&T Logistics also offers its services as a logistics partner, in the port of Gioia Tauro, to international logistics integrators operating as fourth-party logistics (4PL), providing the facilities, distribution capacity, know-how and the "local touch" to better integrate the most complex global supply chain.

Gioia Tauro Fruit Terminal is a division of C&T Logistics, dedicated to the fresh fruit service sector. We are a logistics partner of several leading Italian fruit importers as well as multinationals in the sector. We have refrigerated customs warehouses which are CE certified with a 10,000 cubic meter capacity and temperature controlled from 0°C to +15°C, with 35 plug-ins for reefer containers and a Customs authorized weighing scale for bananas.







 Port of Gioia Tauro

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